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Fifth Day: Friday 8th May

Dear diary, I was so happy that I didn`t see the body parts in my dreams anymore. Until this night. I saw all the parts of the body, except the face. I´m totally frightened that the body could have a similarity to me.
7.5.15 10:55


Fourth Day: Thursday 7th May

Dear diary, I`m soooo sorry, that I was not able to finish my writing yesterday. My ink was empty. It was strange because I woke up in my bed. I asked my friends how I came home. They said that they found me powerless in the lift. After that I asked my friends if they have seen a person or a sticker in my cabin. They looked scared at me and said that there was nothing. I don`t know what is wrong with me but it is not normal.
7.5.15 10:54

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